Evade 5

Stating over humour upon me, felt the strong desire to recognise the deeper sensation, I imprision. The sensation which heartbeat and mind conflicts. This succulent proves the health and evacauted knowledge which forces the shaping of human brain.

As my sensory nervous system inside shapes the reception and processing of sensitive information, I could protect the productive beleif. Else, no reason there was zero criticism.

I evade when my mental health seems affected, I decided and protect myself from the visionary approach of the society. Things changes but uncertainity hits, backing and lacking are forceful.

The high time of mine, Wow!!! Things were gutsy, folk around me lend me finances which I never inquire, surprised but not surprised. Multinational HR was supposed to be treated extra-ordinary. I felt warm vibes all the love, blessed and thankful of joy. I realized money fixes many mental issues as shortage of money has been generalized for most of the crimes.

I was at peace suddenly supremacy knock knock!!! Have to be in the perimeter and responsibility, can’t be forgetten, I am a mother, wife, daughter-in-law. I might miss daughter, it’s intentional due to the impression society inputs me.

Choosing preference over consent is debate between consciousness and soul. Mind was sensible but heart pumps and follows the emotion of origin, sustenance. Going beyond the emotion can’t be painful but those are temporary, choosing wisely to make my loved one happy was rewarding. Here, adversing with norms and values was like the deep englightment as trust is based upon standard. My choice was out of the world and better to say appraised. Things were picture perfect, well-planned with regard and concern.

Unknowningly, turned out the defeative settlement ever. My intuitive approach failed when I lead myself towards distraction and loosen in my self-being. I doubt myself and pills for anxiety and panic attack couldn’t command.

Trying to sense and doubting my existience hits my soul and made me ask again and again `Am I meant to this?´ Is forceful appearance helping my sustainable goal, achievement that I merit? Proud faith and indestructive lady stops where demanded. So did I.

Mental health issues have been shadowed, we never endeavour for any individual to understand the phase they are going through. Close ones, relatives, friends should acknowledge the subject their loved one is skinned with.

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks are common aspects in today’s society. Mental health is under-rated compared to physical. Let’s vow to help and understand for the seek of life because life matters…


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  • Ajaya Raju Ghimire

    Good one bhanji.

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